The Elder Wand and it's History

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The Elder Wand is a Mystical and Magical Element of the Harry Potter Wizarding World. Across the ages, the wand has passed across many Masters, almost always under violet circumstances, usually in pursuit for power. It is said the wand will only succumb to a wielder stronger and more powerful then itself. Below is a brief history of its characterises and the unfortunate wizards who wielded it....

Dumbledore Elder Wand



The Elder Wand is made of Elder Wood from an Elderberry Tree, and is fifteen inches in length. The core consists of Thestral tail hair, which is said to be an exceedingly difficult substance to work with as a Thestral can only be seen by wizards who have witnessed and accept death.



The Elder Wand is considered the first of the legendary Deathly Hallows portrayed in the children's book "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" 

In the "Tales of the Three Brothers" it is said that Death Himself created the Elder Wand for a wizard named Antioch Peverell, after he requested that Death bestow him the most powerful wand in wizarding history.

That day at Twilight, it is said that Death created two other Hallows for Peverell brothers, The Resurrection Stone, and the Cloak of Invisibility. It is rumoured that the wizard who reunites the three Deathly Hallows, would become The Master of Death.

Death creating the Elder Wand


"Its history is bloody, but that may be simply due to the fact that it is such a desirable object, and arouses such passions in wizards. Immensely powerful, dangerous in the wrong hands, and an object of incredible fascination to all of us who study the power of wands"— Garrick Ollivander 

Antioch Peverell

Dumbledore theorised that Antioch himself was a gifted wizard who created the Elder Wand himself. Antioch quickly became drunk with the power of the wand and used it to kill another wizard in a duel, after which he drunkenly boasted of the wands powers to those around him. Later that night, Antioch was murdered, by a rival wizard who wished to claim the wand for himself.

Peverell Brothers

Emeric The Evil

Emeric the Evil was an aggressive and mean spirited wizard who lived in England during the Middle Ages, and is considered the first documented master of the Elder Wand after the anonymous murderer of Antioch. The wand thereafter changed loyalties to Egbert the Egregios after he killed Emeric in a historical duel.


Egbert The Egregious

Egbert obtained the wand after defeating Emeric the Evil. There is no historical documentation stating what became of Egbert or the Elder Wand for the next 100 years, until...



It is unknown how the wizard Godelot obtained the Elder Wand, however, unlike his predecessors, Godelot considered the wand as some sort of instructor, and used it to write the Magick Moste Evile  manuscript. This book contained vast amounts of information relating to Dark Magic. Godelot's Son Hereward eventually took ownership of the wand by locking his father up in a cellar, where he eventually died.



It is unknown what became of Hereward thereafter or the Elder Wand until the eighteenth century. 


Barnabas Deverill

In the early eighteenth century, the wand came to the wizard Barnabas, who wielded it in order to create a deadly reputation for himself. He was later murdered by....



Loxias the wizard. Loxias referred to the wand as "The Deathstick" and used it against any wizard who challenged him. It is unknown what became of Loxias, as it said that he had many enemies, including the likes of his own mother. 


Mykew Gregorovitch

At some point prior to the year 1899, Mykew Gregorovitch the wandmaker, obtained mastery of the Elder Wand. Gregorovitch began attempting to replicate the wands powers in order to increase his business, however, once rumours began spreading that he had the Elder Wand in his possession, it was promptly stolen, by none other than...


Gellert Grindelwald

Grindelwald pursued the Deathly Hallows in order to create a world in which Muggles would be subservient to wizards and witches, for what he believed was the greater good.

Using the wand, Grindelward created an army reigning terrors across many countries and killing numerous wizards and muggles. In the year 1945, at his most powerful, Dumbledore confronted his former friend and defeated him in what is now known as a legendary duel. Grindelwald thus lost power of the wand, to our very own....


Albus Dumbeldore

Albus Dumbledore possessed the Elder Wand for numerous years, using it for good, unlike its previous Masters. Dumbledore used the wand to create extraordinary magic such as non-verbal and wandless magic, as well as creating Gubraithian Fire, an enchanted flame which never dies.

Dumbledore wished to protect the world from the powers of the Elder Wand and thus wished to die undefeated, at the hands of Severus Snape with whom he had made a previous agreement. However, although Snape did in fact kill Dumbledore, the wand's new master became...

Dumbledore Fire

Draco Malfoy

During the confrontation with Dumbledore on the Watchtower the night Dumbledore was killed, Draco performed a disarming charm, which resulted in Albus Dumbledore losing his wand. Therefore the Elder Wand immediately came under his control, without his knowledge.

Draco and Harry Fight

Harry Potter

A year after Draco unknowingly became Master of the Elder Wand, Harry Potter defeated Draco in a duel which occurred at Malfoy Mansion. This resulted in the wand changes allegiances to Harry, which he was also unaware of.

Harry only truly realised that he was the Master of the Elder wand, when Voldemort, who possessed the wand physically at the time, attempted a Cruciatus Curse on Harry to no affect. 

Voldemort only became aware of the wand's allegiance to Harry Potter during the final Battle of Hogwarts. Ignoring this, Voldemort then proceeded to cast a killing curse on Harry which subsequently backfired, killing Voldemort. Harry potter is the current and hopefully last Master of the Elder Wand, having replaced it in Dumbledore's tomb.

"I'm putting the Elder Wand back where it came from. It can stay there. If I die a natural death like Ignotus, its power will be broken, won't it? The previous master will never have been defeated. That'll be the end of it." — Harry's decision to give up the Elder Wand

 Harry Breaking the Elder Wand


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