About Us

General Information

  • P&C operates out of one main hub in Cape Town where delivery is within South Africa only.
  • PayFast is the current payment service provider therefore all payments are 100% secure.


    About the Business

    Founded in 2013, Props and Collectibles has evolved into an online store that pretty much allows you to grab a little piece of magic from the movies, books or series that made an impact on your life.  People like us, have spent many an hour flipping through old books on rainy days, or getting lost in a series/movie only to emerge hours later feeling a bit better about our own lives. These characters that we associate with, may be fictional, but the lessons they impart, and the love we feel for them are anything but.


    Our Mission Statement

    To Bring a Part of Everyone's Fandom to Life.


    About the Products – There is something for everyone!

    Make sure everyone in your orbit is happy with us! We offer items for men, women and children! With our high quality standards, easy return policies and extensive customer service ideals, you’ll have every fandom available at your fingertips with absolute ease. 
    With our extensive range of items, you’ll be able to decorate both yourself and your surroundings with our gorgeous products! From necklaces to scarfs, we have everything….and if we don’t have it yet then drop us a mail and we will definitely look into adding it in during our expansions.
    Become that favorite aunt, that thoughtful partner and that irreplaceable best friend who finds the most unique and thoughtful gifts for those around you!