Game of Thrones - Blood of my Blood

Game of Thrones - Season 6 Episode 6 - Blood of my Blood

July 12, 2016



This week's episode of Game of Thrones Season 6 slowed down the momentum enough for us to take a break from making us cry silently into our pillows. Although to be fair some us are still shedding a few tears for the gentle giant Hodor.

The episode started quite intensely with Bran and his faithful companion attempting to outrun the pursuing white walkers. They fail.... because well they only have two useable legs between the 2 of them...

However, it allowed for the first major shocker of the episode (within all of 5 minutes) ...Benjen Stark is alive! Or at least kind of Alive!

Who is Benjen Stark you wonder...yeah it took us a while as well. He had like a 5-minute cameo in the first season as Ned Stark’s brother recruiting for the Night’s Watch.

Seems like the directors are going to be using a resurrection theme this season.

Benjen managed to save the bumbling duo in the nick of time. But more on that later.

Sam and his Mean Daddy

Sam attempted to integrate the Wildling Gilly and her baby into his family at his previous Tarly residence in Hornhill. However, his dad proves himself to be a proper ass (fat shaming jerk) and angers Gilly into defending her Chubby companion, revealing herself as a wilding in the process. His father allows Gilly to remain as a kitchen servant with her baby at the holding, however Sam decides that the three of them should remain together and they head of towards Old Town, after Sam steals a Valyrian Steel sword.

Margaery’s conversion

Margaery becomes a convincing godly nutter. She takes on the role of devotee quiet easily while speaking to King Tomen. However, after watching her exchange with her brother last week...we think that’s exactly what it is...a role.

We hope she has an ace up her sleeve to reveal in the upcoming episodes against the jerk face high sparrow. 

Luckily her act is brilliant enough as the Rose Queen's walk of Atonement is cancelled due to her turning the malleable King Tomnen towards the God's as well, much to Jamie Lannisters disappointment, who rode up against the High Sparrow only to be shut down by his own son. Poor Jamie couldn’t look more despondent. Especially as his actions results in his firing from the King's Guard and him being sent to aid the Frey's against the Tully’s.

Benjen Stark lives

Seems that Benjen Stark did not die during his ride North of the Wall five season ago. Instead while at the brink of death, the member of the night's watch was rescued and healed by the Children of the Forest. However, their remedy though effective, left him less than alive and thus he cannot get past The Wall. He however is still devoted to the living against the dead. We are sure we will be seeing him again in the future.

The Mother of Dragons

Daenerys seems to finally have her groove back after her exceptional fire in episode 5. She starts her part of this episode riding Drogon over her newly acquired Dotraki army showing them all why they should follow her in taking the Seven Kingdom’s. 

The Cheesy Version of Game of Thrones was fantastic 

Watching the Satirical play of Game of Thrones (Meta I know) wasn’t painful for just Arya. Watching Ned Stark die all over again....#notoverit

The play proved that the public largely believed the propaganda spread from the bad guys at Kings Landing, with the Lannister’s being portrayed as the hero’s and victims. 

Arya, whose job it was to kill the lead actress, fails and instead reveals that a co-worker intended on her assassination. Arya then seems to realise that she does not in fact want to become ‘no one’, and gets out her trusty needle out. Her actions however result in the waif being given instructions to eliminate her.

We don’t know how long this will last, but we hope she does something interesting soon. Her story line is becoming a meandering distraction.

Walder Frey....Is Still Around 

Walder Frey is still around...unfortunately. He seems to believe he is off some importance in the grand scheme of things attempting to take the Tully strong hold although he does not seem to have the resources. He does however have a trump card...The Black Fish’s nephew Edmure as hostage. We don’t fully understand what the Frey's part will be in the bigger picture, but I hope it results in him getting the horrible death he deserves. (I still can’t believe they didn’t bring in the Frey killing Caitlin Stark...maybe this is their opening)

P.S Was Walder Frey the weird cleaner dude from Harry Potter??!


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