Why We Love Carol

Why We Love Carol

June 11, 2016

Carol. Why in the world do we love her?

Is it because she is always ready with a plate of fresh cookies... and a concealed weapon ready to kill a mudaducker, all while wearing an old lady jumper? #NoChill

Carol is probably one of the few characters on television whose transformation we never really saw coming. In fact, we only noticed something was different after she started teaching children how to slice up walkers during story time....hint taken.

From an abused housewife, to going full on assassins creed, she's pretty much one of the most uniquely weird characters out there. Yet, somehow we still love her. The more badass she gets, the better.

So, if you don't yet understand the fandom, check out the six reasons Carol became a Fan Favourite:

1) She Likes to Help Little Children

Carol's great with kids. From teaching them to gut Walkers with an array of different weaponry, to telling them that if they annoy her, she'll string them up as walker bait....She's a all round charmer that one. 

2) Carol's Good at Handling Unruly Kids

 'Just look at the flowers Lizzie'....yeah.

The Grove was a episode that made you decide whether you were a Carolnatic or not. Killing Lizzie, a homicida 10 year old, may not have been the right decision morally, but in a world full of horrors, Carol did want needed to be done. For the greater good. 

3) Carol is Good at Blending In


Her attack on Terminus can only be described as Insanely Efficient

- Blow up a Gas Container to attract walkers and Terminus Residents, with nothing but a fire cracker and willpower : Check

- Wear walker insides to get invade the camp : Check

- Torture Terminus Leader and then leave her to get torn apart by Walkers :  Check

4) Carol Can Bake Cookies

Without any prompting, Carol adopted a Mary Poppins attitude at the groups arrival at Alexandria. Why? So she could use her scared housewife cookie baking persona to get inside intel... 

So basically, she's a Ninja.

5) Carol went Full Assassin

Carol went from grandma to Bruce Lee in 2 seconds during the Alexandria Attack.

Carol shed her baker persona and adopted the gear of the Wolf people to kill them from the inside during their attack on Alexandria, going as far as to draw a W on her forehead in blood.

Seriously, just....what.

and Last but not least...

6) Carol cries because she doesn't want to have to kill you

Not because she's scared, or because she doesn't want you to hurt her...


No no no...

Not this lady. Carol cries because you don't listen when she tells you to leave her alone. Because she knows it'll end with you being dead.


Seriously. How could you not love her?


Author: Shonel Sonakjee
More Than Just a Muggle

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