The Corpse Bride Necklace

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No one can deny the gloomy shadowy magic that undercurrents the darkly beautiful Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Corpse Bride transports us to a town where everything has a gray undertone, and the living world seems somehow dimmer then the vibrant and alive world of the dead. Somehow our main character Viktor manages to find himself married to the dead bride Emily, who considering her deceased state, is easily the most dynamic and vibrant character in the story. Tim Burton teaches us in this movie that love isn’t always laughter and smiles, but can be fuelled by sadness, jealousy or greed. Love can be found in strangest place (even the underworld) and yet the ultimate display of love will always be self-sacrifice, whether it is giving up your partner, so that he can marry his live counterpart, or drinking deathly poison to join your betrothed in death.

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