Death Star 3D Illusion Lamp

Props and Collectibles

The Death Star, known officially as the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station, also known as the Death Star I, was a moon-sized, deep-space mobile battle station constructed by the Galactic Empire. Designed to fire a single planet-destroying superlaser powered by massive kyber crystals, it was the pet project of the Emperor, Darth Vader, and its eventual commander Grand MoffWilhuff Tarkin to expound the military philosophy of the aptly named Tarkin Doctrine.


This amazing 3D Illusion Lamp is USB/Battery powered and the perfect nightstand lamp for any Star Wars fan. The LED light can be adjusted between seven glowing colours using the touch button on the stand. Colours include, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White, Purple and Sky Blue. Want the perfect gift? I think you have found it. Approx Dimensions: Acrylic: 200x120x4mm, Base: 80x80x40mm.

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